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Anklelite/Armlite can be seen clearer in daylight from more than 10 feet away !  Try it !



There are lots of ways to use your Anklelite product and it is usually delivered with a charge already stored in its energy store so that you can use the product immediately.



Simply push the mode switch once to turn on, push again to start flash mode and push again to turn off. 

It is that simple.  It is a push switch so you can use it when you are wearing gloves or your hands are cold or hot.



There are two switches on the side of the light unit.

1. "Charge-On" switch and 2. "Mode" switch

The mode switch, when pressed, turns the unit from off to constant on, when pressed again the unit changes to flash mode and when pressed again to off again.

The unit will charge with the "Charge-On" in either the charge or the on position.

Just set the "Charge-On" switch to on and leave it there for normal operation.  It is an intentionally small switch so that you do not knock it or accidently change the setting when using Anklelite.


Full Discharge of Energy

It is possible when you fully discharge the lights that you leave them in either flash or constant on mode when charging them back up – this obviously means a lot of the light energy that comes into the light is immediately sent out as light through the lens and the amount of energy stored in the cell is reduced considerably.    If ever a light is fully discharged we recommend that you review the special section regarding units that are fully discharged by clicking here.

Please note that when the "Charge-On" switch is in the "Charge" position the Anklelite will not turn on.


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