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Walking is the easiest and most profitable form of exercise;  It's green, it costs nothing, it improves cardiovascular fitness and you get to enjoy the world around you.  Whether walking to get fit, take part in a sponsored charity event, to see the countryside or just to get somewhere, more and more people are walking.

Whatever you are walking for, it is vitally important to always have the correct clothing and equipment when out walking.  Walking is a green and cheap way of getting around, enjoyed by all the family, that is now one of the most popular ways of getting into shape and these days we all seem to want to exercise outside whenever we can.   However, statistically, going out is getting more dangerous; an average of 40,000 accidents per year in the UK involve pedestrians (Office for National Statistics)


Pedalite's Baglite and Anklelite products are designed to keep you safe during daylight and darkness hours.

Click on either of the images below to learn more about the products and how they can help keep you safe while walking.



Anklelite / Armlite

Unique Pedalite 360 degree floodlight module

Multiple super bright LEDs light which floods across the lens as well as directional

Constant or flashing modes

Maintenance free – fit and forget

Fits all sizes of rucksacks and backpacks

Allows easy access to bags while fitted

Lightweight and comfortable

Weather and impact resistant

Solar Powered. Powered by stored natural and artificial light

Hi visibility reflective strips

6+ hours of flashing white and red light from a full charge

May be used as an arm light

Fits all ankle sizes with or without trousers and over boots

Lightweight and comfortable

Weather and impact resistant

Solar Powered

Powered by stored natural and artificial light

Hi visibility reflective strips

No batteries or mains charging required

 6+ hours of flashing amber light from a full charge

Unique Pedalite 360 degree floodlight module

Constant or flashing modes

Applying simple safety rules when walking such as wearing bright clothing and using lights that will make you be seen can help you feel and keep safe. Unfortunately, one problem is that lighting is often overlooked in daylight, particularly in the summer. Consider how a single cloud passing in front of the sun affects the light; how quickly the sky can darken with a change in weather or how shadows from trees or bridges can affect someone’s vision and render walkers and hikers without lights invisible.

Pedalite’s award-winning, battery-free lighting, including its solar powered Baglite, which fits any size or shape of backpack and the ultra lightweight Anklelite, which illuminates ankles or arms, all provide 360o lighting to protect all the family.  The lighting ensures walkers and hikers are seen from all directions, from up to 1km away.

You or your family’s safety does not have to cost the earth - these innovative products use solar, ordinary house lights or sunshine, to recharge; you don’t need expensive replacement batteries and your old batteries aren’t going into landfill - even the packaging is recycled cardboard!

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