Children & Adult Safety

  Unique safety lights, appear brighter the further away you are in ambient light

  Baglite - Retro-fit to school backpacks and still see the bag design.

  Cool enough for teenagers, practical enough for adults - day & night safety.

  Armlight (Anklelite) - dog walking, hiking, whenever out and about!

  Award winning, ultra light weight, eco friendly - no batteries, recharged by light

Award winning, Environmentally friendly, lightweight backpack, bag, Ankle and arm lighting products for School bags, walkers, hikers & when out & about.

Product Review: It is definitely something I'll be wearing whenever there's a chance of my walking in poor light. Buying Advice: A real no brainer this one - a very neat and innovative way to reduce the risks associated with walking in reduced daylight or darkness. An accessory that should appeal to any walker who is both safety conscious and environmentally aware. read more.

Going to School

Out Walking

Running & Jogging


Unanimously Loved

"Baglite is a unique new solar-powered, eco-friendly light that will help children be seen this winter.”

“Nursery Industry”

"These solar powered Anklelites - a handy light and reflective strap - let you focus on your work-out without worry.”

“Weight Watchers”

"whether you are jogging, cycling or just in need of extra visibility at night, the Anklelite is a solar powered trouser clip that can provide up to 3 hours of constant or flashing light...”

“Health and Fitness”


"the harness fits over any rucksack ”

“Eveing Standard Newspaper”




Charge from both Artificial light or natural sunlight




Simple to use even in gloves - just push the side





Unique and innovative solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting products worn around the arm, ankle or backpack to keep walkers and runners seen at night, dusk and during daylight or children safer on their walk to school.

Millions of school children heading to school, runners, training for an event, joggers, keeping fit, hikers or just people out walking in the early mornings and evenings can now be seen clearly by motorists, pedestrians and cyclists thanks to Anklelite and Baglite.

Exceptionally lightweight, weather-resistant and easy to fit; Ankelite may be worn on the ankle, arm or wrist and Baglite is ideal on a backpack or just as a loose light harness. Both have highly visible reflective strips on both sides and provide super-bright 360 degree lighting without the need for batteries for up to 6 hours (in flashing mode), that can be seen clearly from all angles and from up to 1km away.

Pedalite International’s best selling battery-free safety lighting products help keep walkers, hikers and runners safe all year around.  Please see our SHE campaign for details of the need for daylight lighting. Both products, described here, recharge in sunlight or household light for over six hours of light when set to flashing mode.  The products disseminate light in all directions for the ultimate "see-me" light for night time, dusk or daytime walking or jogging.

Anklelite / Armlite Baglite

Anklelite / Armlite is an ultra lightweight (85gms) lighting system worn on the arm or ankle to make you more visible to motorists or other people from all angles any time of the day.   Buy Now

Baglite is a solar powered backpack/rucksack lighting system, fitting over any size bag worn over the shoulders such as a school bag or backpack worn by a commuter.  A unique 360 degree floodlight module to ‘light up’ the upper body.   Buy Now


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Award Winning Environmentally Friendly Children & Adult safety range