Unique safety lights, appear brighter the further away you are - be seen further away

  Use in normal daylight, cloudy days, etc. on leafy lanes, yards, roads, etc.

  Award winning, ultra light weight and comfortable, weather and impact resistant

  No batteries or mains charging required, powered by stored natural/artificial light energy

  6+ hours of flashing light from a full charge, constant or flashing modes, Hi Viz strips

  Anklelite - Windscreen height when riding!  Also used as an arm light. One size fits all

Amazingly low retail price

"This light is small and compact so it doesn't get in the way. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't slip down. The further away from the light you are, the brighter it seems, which is clever as oncoming traffic can spot you more easily without being dazzled.  It's a really useful, good-value product"

"These lightweight, clever little gadgets from Pedalite are an awesome addition to a rider's safety equipment when venturing out on the roads. "

Margret Allard, a former Newmarket racehorse rider says, “Anklelite is perfect for on road riding, it is so light weight you would not know you have it on and the light is just right for ensuring that you are seen but that horses are not bothered.  I use Anklelite on my young horses as well as my more experienced Arabs. Anklelite is essential for all horseriders both young and young at heart.”

Be Seen Further Away

Low Cost

Eco Friendly

Windscreen Height

Daytime Lights

Super-lightweight does not really adequately describe the “wow” moment when someone picks up Anklelite / Armlite for the very first time. By eliminating batteries and the use of new materials (particularly the new elasticated Velcro) the weight of Anklelite / Armlite has been reduced to that of a box of matches!    Buy Now

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Equestrian Anklelite

A unique and innovative battery free, eco-friendly safety lighting product worn around the ankle, boot or on the arm and keeps horse riders safe and seen on the roads, bridleways and in the countryside.

The Ankelite is an ultra lightweight (it weights 85gms about the same as a box of matches!) ankle, boot and arm lighting system, used in the Summer and Winter for riding in daylight on tree covered lanes, when cloud shadows change the light and at dawn or dusk.  The battery free lighting system is designed to store and dispense light in all directions, without affecting the horse or rider, for 6 hours (when set to flashing light mode) from each full charge of light (solar) energy, and to recharge from both ordinary household light as well as from natural sun or overcast light.  The unit can function in both flashing or constant light modes and is often worn on the arm when leading a horse.

The Anklelite with adjustable elasticated straps fits all sizes and can be worn with or without trousers, fitting securely over riding boots.  Anklelite provides super-bright 360 degree lighting without the need for batteries.

The truly unique thing about these lights is that in ambient light (cloud cover, shadows from trees/buildings, changeable light - and let's face it, we get enough of these types of light) they work differently from other lights - they actually appear to get brighter the further away from them you are.  Users need to see this to believe it but there are many reviews by equestrian magazines stating this. 

If your light is brightest from a few feet away and then appears to dim as you move away from it in ambient light then people see you best from very close up - and that's simply too late! If others can see you from further away then you are much safer.

Enhancing hi viz wear and at the perfect height for car windscreens, a large unique floodlight module is attached to elasticated straps that fit comfortably around riding trousers, jodhpurs or riding boots at ankle height, calf or on the arm with high visibility reflective strips on both sides as an additional feature. The lights shine brightly from every angle so horse riders will be seen clearly by Pedestrians, motorists and others at any time of day.  The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes – flashing, constant or off.   Testing with young horses has not seen any horses bothered by the flashing lights as they are positioned well away from the line of sight, flash at an appropriate rate and are dim to the eye close up.

The Anklelite’s robust design and versatility enables it to be also used as an arm light on the upper or lower arm.  The Anklelite is small enough for a horse rider to roll up and put in their jacket pocket or rucksack while preparing to ride.

While over 600 million batteries (22,000 tonnes) are being disposed of and creating an environmental hazard in the UK (source DEFRA) every year, Anklelite is an eco-friendly product that charges both in direct sunlight and in artificial light so it is ideal for charging at the office or just popping on the windowsill for a few hours at home. It provides over six hours of super-bright light from a full charge. In addition, the saving on replacement batteries alone means that Anklelite enjoys a cost payback as well as helping save the environment.

The lightweight Anklelite is weather and impact resistant.  Simple to put on and comfortable to wear, Anklelite is maintenance free and ensures that horse riders can ride secure in the confidence that they and their horses are clearly visible at all times even from the side.  

Anklelite’s battery free ‘green’ credentials will appeal to those of us who are environmentally conscious and even Pedalite’s packing avoids using unnecessary plastic as it is made from recycled cardboard. 

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Award Winning Environmentally Friendly Equestrian safety range