Equestrian Safety

  Unique safety lights, appear brighter the further away you are - be seen further away

  Anklelite - Windscreen height when riding!, Light Harness - for the torso

  Use in normal daylight, cloudy days, etc. on leafy lanes, yards, roads, etc.

  Award winning, ultra light weight, eco friendly - no batteries, recharged by light

Watch these short videos about Active Equestrian Safety and Pedalite products

"Our stable yard is situated on a busy main road.  Over the last few years I have become increasingly nervous about going out on the road, even to ride a short distance to get to quiet lanes. Vehicles speed by without even seeming to notice the horses, passing too close for comfort.  However, the moment I wore the Pedalite products there was a difference in the attitude of drivers, who slowed down and treated us with a lot more respect. At last I feel safe enough to ride out again, knowing that we are going to be noticed by drivers".

"As Winter approaches, and the nights draw in, are you riding safely on the roads in poor visibility? The Anklelite/ Armlite has been tried and tested by Hooked on Horses, and was found to be light and comfortable to wear, as well as well as helping to illuminate riders/horses on the road.......   This should definitely be on your shopping list this Winter! ". 


Introducing the Products Video

The Need for Daylight Lights

Anklelite / Armlite

Light Harness (Baglite)

Pedalite International’s best selling battery-free safety lighting products help keep Equestrians safe all year around.

Often when you see a horse on the road you also see a high visibility jacket & horse exercise sheet, these are sensible but work best when light is shined on them.  Daytime lighting products help horses & riders be seen on the roads, bridleways, yards, etc. at any time and in any conditions.


Recharge in sunlight or household light for over six hours of flashing light


The products disseminate light in all directions without affecting the horse


Simple to use even in gloves - just push the side


No need to keep buying batteries - Price so low it pays for itself in a season !

"These ingenious lights are solar powered, providing a lighting solution that is lightweight and easy to use." Equestrian Business Monthly

Anklelite / Armlite is an ultra lightweight (85gms) lighting system worn over any size boots or on the arm that makes riders visible to motorists from all angles at any time of the day. Anklelite protects riders by ensuring they can be seen on tree covered lanes, when cloud shadows change the light etc.   Buy Now

Baglite is a solar powered backpack/rucksack lighting system, fitting over any size bag worn over the shoulders or attached to a specially adapted tabard, supplied as part of the light harness. Perfect for Le Trek event. a unique 360 degree floodlight module to ‘light up’ the upper body.   Buy Now

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