Unanimously Loved

"...the remarkable Green Oil turns in a reliable performance that's supported by an impeccable environmental pedigree... ”

“What Mountain Bike”

"Pick of the Month ”



"Green Oil won a place on the Pro Cycling Wish List ”

“Pro Cycling”

"A Green lube that does not compromise on quality. Bike Radar verdict: 4.5/5 ”

“Bike Radar”

"It lubricates and protects for all kinds of bike riding, preserving the chain for a smooth ride.”

“Bike Biz”

"Unlike other chain lubricants, Green Oil is good for the environment”

“New Consumer”

"...we have applied Green Oil using the recyclable nozzle on the recyclable HDPE plastic bottle, and have found it to smell somewhat soapy and to lubricate the chain effectively with a post-lube riding sensation...”

“Road Cycling UK”

"Good for you Good for your bike Good for the environment ”


"...Green Oil has set about making a completely environmentally friendly bike oil... suitable for all types of riding”

“Cycling Weekly”

"It lubricates and protects for all bike riding, preserving the chain for a smooth ride.”


"Super green, super efficient. Really good stuff ”

“Bike Goo”

"'In addition to keeping your transmission as smooth as an eel, it's safe for your skin and is biodegradable...”

“220 Triathlon”

"...Green Oil is a winner for environmentalists and keen riders alike”

“Green England”

"Ups - Impeccable tree-hugging credentials, impressive performance Downs - Nothing much - recycled label gets tatty quickly, but who cares?”

“Bike Magic”

"...after around three months use on road and trail, I'm mightily impressed with it's performance....”

“Everyday Cycling”

"Bikegreece selects Green Oil as their sole suppliers of mountain bike chain lube.....super efficient in the wet and dry..”

“Bike Greece”

"...use ecological chain lube (Green Oil)”


"As if cycling could get any more ecologically virtuous, we have found Green Oil for bicycle chains...It keeps those two wheels moving without the petrochemicals or Teflon.”

“The Observer Magazine”

"...the point is, that this stuff is as green as you'll get. Unlike most other chain lubes this one doesn't contain any nasty petrochemicals and it's fully biodegradable....As they say, every little helps.”

“Dirt Magazine”

"...Despite being biodegradable there's no worries about it not hanging about long enough to protect your chain. In use the oil is easily applied accurately thanks to the nozzle top and stood up to everything but the wettest winter rides without need for reapplication. ”

“Singletrack Magazine”

"...It works as well as regular toxic lubes too, keeping you spinning easier and greener than ever. MBUK Verdict: 9/10”

“Mountain Biking UK”

"..I've used Green Oil on a variety of bikes since early this year, so it's seen off the tail end of the winter and the start of the summer... - it works as well if not better than the gear oil I usually employ...It works as well as regular toxic lubes too, keeping you spinning easier and greener than ever...”

“Velo Vision Magazine”

"Aside from being environmentally friendly it lubricates as it should and I certainly think that my oil for the bikes in future will be nothing but Green Oil.”

“Green Living Review”

"Many thanks to the guys at GREEN OIL, for helping us with this fantastic environmentally sound lubricant for our bikes. It worked a treat. I think our 1200 mile cycle through the baking heat of southern France and the driving rain we encountered in Spain really put the product to the test. Not a squeak out of the bikes. Thumbs up”

“Carbon Neutral Expeditions”







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Green Oil Products

A unique and revolutionary range of award winning ecological, environmentally friendly bicycle chain lube, oil, chain cleaners, bike cleaners, ecogrease and lubricants that are non toxic and are made from naturally occurring plant extracts, a blend of which produce a high performance lubricant, grease and cleaners.

Green Oil Ecogrease Clean Chain Green Clean

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Technical Information

Green Oil products are the greenest chain lubes and bike cleaners around.

100% petrochemical free

Green Oil products are created from naturally occurring oils and plant extracts to provide you with the same qualities you would expect from a quality bike maintenance kit.


Although, Green Oil chain lube remains on the chain longer than most oils, when Green Oil does eventually come off the chain, it will over time biodegrade. The whole Green Oil range is totally biodegradable after its life on your bike.

Not irritant, not harmful, nor 'dangerous for the environment'

Not harmful

Look on most chain lube bottles and you will be horrified to see that not only are they harmful or irritant, but that they explicitly say 'dangerous for the environment' on the back.

The Green Oil range of products are not harmful, not irritant, and not 'dangerous for the environment'. So the Green Oil range will not harm you, aquatic life or small animals

Not tested on animals

Green Oil products have not been tested on animals (unless you call the various mountain and road cyclists who first tested it 'animals').

All Green Oil products use only ingredients that occur naturally and are safe. None of the ingredients, nor the finished product have been animal tested. Green Oil products contains no animal products or by-products, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Recyclable, and Re-usable

Recycling number 2

Reduce, re-use, recycle the saying goes. Green Oil's bottle can not only be recycled with your plastic milk bottles, but can also be re-used.

Green Oil's bottle has the recycling code is 2.  The cap is unfortunately made of polypropylene. This is plastic type 5 and not usual recyclable.

Green Oil bottles are made out of HDPE, or 'High Density Polyethylene', with the recycling code 2 shown above.

All Green Oil bottles have a recycled paper label. This can be removed, and recycled again, possibly into a new Green Oil label!

CFC Free

Green Oil products are all CFC free, but CFCs were pretty much banned in 1993 under the Montreal Protocol. 'CFC free' is meaningless marketing today.

100% palm oil free

Green Oil's ingredients are a trade secret, they are sustainably sourced and half the ingredients are organic. However, bio-fuels, vegetable oil, and even shampoo often contain 'palm oil'.

Palm oil is a useful fuel to keep car culture going, a cheap cooking substance to keep up the old obesity rates, and useful to 'bulk up' supermarket items, like cheap peanut butter and shampoo.

The problem with this? Palm oil relies on vast swathes of rainforest being cleared. Great, bio-diverse areas are destroyed and replaced by vast palm oil plantations. They even burn rainforest and peat bogs in order to grow palm oil, outweighing any carbon neutrality of using the end product.

This is at the expense of the environment, wildlife (especially orang-utans) and indigenous people.

Green Oil is therefore 100% palm oil free.

Green Oil's award winning lubricant formula contains advanced long-chain molecules to reduce friction.

These polymers also repel water molecules. This inhibits rust and corrosion, prolonging the chain's mechanical life.

Green Oil degreasing and cleaning products are a blend of 100% natural ingredients.

Green Oil bottles are thermoplastic which can be repeatedly softened by heating and hardened again on cooling, this means it can be repeatedly recycled.

How Green Oil products are produced

Green Oil products' formula is a trade secret, a patent application currently being completed.

Green Oil products are manufactured from naturally occurring plant extracts, a blend of which produces a high performance lubricant or extremely effective degreaser or cleaner. Green Oil products contains no animal derivatives.

Green Oil chain lube's components are balanced to give a high-performance lubricant that stays on the chain.

Green Oil chain lube protects from rust and gives a smooth, low friction ride.

A chain lube fact

A well oiled chain can make a bicycle more than ninety eight per cent efficient at converting your kinetic energy into moving your bike forward.

Protection from rust and corrosion

Green Oil chain lube protects the bike chain from rust and corrosion, it also repels water for minimum fuss.  

With Clean Chain you can degrease your chain without taking it off your bike using 100% natural and environmentally friendly products.

Anti-wear protection

Green Oil technology promotes chain longevity. Green Oil products offer excellent anti-wear performance. Chains last longer when properly degreased, cleaned and lubricated, saving the world’s resources, and your money.

No bad odours and non-toxic

Unlike others, Green Oil products do not smell like a petrol/gas station, and are not unpleasant to use. Green Oil products are non-toxic for a more pleasant working and riding environment. Green Oil products are non irritant, making it safe for you, children and animals.

Recommended use

Green Oil products are for all types of bike riding. Whether cycling the Tour de France, or off a cliff and into a river, Green Oil products are for you.  Green Oil chain lube can also be used to oil bike locks, shed doors and to meet other lubrication needs.

Green Oil products are:

NOT harmful

NOT dangerous for the environment

NON irritant

High performance with critical acclaim.

The Green Oil bottles are re-useable and recyclable.

All Green Oil labels are made with recycled paper.

Green Oil products are not based on petrochemicals and contain no palm oil

Available from cycling accessory retail stores worldwide via distributors of Pedalite products

FACT 75% of accidents happen at, or near, a road junction (Source RoSPA) where cycles need to be seen from the side.