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Full Discharge of Power


Ankle/Armlites are not designed to have their power fully discharged.  With 6 hours of flashing light, most users will use them for a couple of hours and then the units will be re-topped up by absorbing light again.  If you suspect that your Ankle/Armlite is fully discharged please read the instructions regarding a full discharge on the right.






Are the lights bright enough?

The Anklelite product is usually delivered with a charge already stored in its energy store but there are many reasons why the capacitor could be empty and we recommend that you charge your Anklelite fully in sunlight before you use it for the first time.   Anklelite will normally charge from both artificial light and natural sunlight.


Charging Indicator

A small red LED illuminates when the unit is charging. On a bright sunny Summer’s day in direct sunlight you will get one hour of light out for one hour of light in to the Anklelite product.  Therefore 6 to 7 hours would fully charge that unit.  As the quality of light goes down then the charge time goes up and if you do not “fill” the charge cell then the time it will run for goes down.

Anklelite has 6+ hours flashing light and therefore is not usually fully discharged.  In normal operation Anklelite will be used for a couple of hours, turned then off and then it re-charges to full capacity.



Simply push the mode switch once to turn on, push again to start flash mode and push again to turn off. 

It is that simple.  It is a push switch so you can use it when you are wearing gloves or your hands are cold or hot.


"Charge-On" Switch

Just set the "Charge-On" switch to "On" and leave it there for normal operation.  It is an intentionally small switch so that you do not knock it or accidently change the setting when using Anklelite.

The unit will charge with the "Charge-On" in either the "Charge" or the "On" position.


No Charging Indicator

If you put the Anklelite in direct sunlight and the small red LED fails to illuminate first check the 'what to do if a unit is fully discharged' section below and then, if it still does not come on, please contact us for further help.


What if the Anklelite is fully discharged ?

There are several ways that an Anklelite can be fully discharged.  The most obvious is just turning it on and leaving it on, eventually it will become fully discharged.  Physics graduates will be able to describe some other rare events that can achieve a discharge of the stored power.  One of the most obscure ways that Anklelites can be discharged is that customs will turn some of the units on, as they enter a country, to check that they are what they say they are. It is also true that capacitors lose their power very slowly over time and we have been told of lightning strikes on containers when the products are shipped by sea (this is why, although we always charge the units before delivery we can never guarantee that they are fully charged when they are purchased).

When an Anklelite has been fully discharged it is possible that the charging indicator will not even light up.  If you suspect that a unit is fully discharged then first switch the on-charge switch to the charge position (this will disable all functions except the charging mode).

The electronics in a Anklelite need a tiny amount of power to manage the storing of power (it is a real challenge that you need power to collect power).  In the unusual condition of a full discharge an Anklelite needs a BOOST of light energy to get the recharging process started again.  The best "boost of energy" is the sun!  This is the ONLY time when we recommend that an Anklelite HAS to be recharged in natural sunlight.  In the event of a full discharge, please place the Anklelite OUTSIDE in direct sunlight (outside not through a window) so there is no “filter” to the natural light being absorbed, don't worry if it is a grey winter day, you would be amazed how much light filters through clouds.

Leave the Anklelite in the direct sunlight for several hours (to boost it and get it going again it really needs to be outside all day) and then check that a charge has been accepted by switching the Charge-On switch back to on and putting the unit into flash mode. The lights should flash and the unit should be back to normal.  We recommend that from a full-discharge position you charge your Anklelite in sunlight for at least 12 hours (although it should not need this long this will definitely bring it back to the correct charged state).

In the unlikely event that after completing this recharge from empty process the unit does not function correctly please contact us.



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