Perfect for commuters and school children in daylight or darkness

  Award winning, ultra light weight, eco friendly products - no batteries !

  Unique lens; appears brighter the further away you are - be seen further away

  Environmentally friendly, no replacement battery costs, eco packaging

  Fits any size boot, ankle or arm; ultra cool for all ages! 6+ hours flashing LED





Side Lighting for Clipless Pedals

Anklelite also doubles as a trouser clip replacement for cyclists and  provides 360 degree lighting for those cyclists riding with clipless and all other types of pedals.




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Tony Doyle, a former World Champion Cyclist says, “Anklelite is an excellent invention from Pedalite and it will prove a real hit with cyclists, horse riders and joggers this winter. A major problem for cyclists is that motorists cannot see them clearly at junctions and when they are turning left or right - this will no longer be an issue if they are wearing Ankelite regardless of if they have platform or clipless pedals.”






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A unique and innovative solar-powered, eco-friendly flashing LED lighting product worn around the arm or ankle to keep cyclists safe on the roads, protect children as they walk or cycle to and from school and is also ideal for horse riders and joggers.

The Anklelite (Armlite) with adjustable straps fits all sizes and can be worn with or without trousers and fits securely over riding boots.  Anklelite provides super-bright 360 degree lighting without the need for batteries.

Anklelite has lenses that send light out through 360 degrees. Cover the front of the lens and you will see the large amount of light that comes out of the sides, top and bottom. There are V shaped grooves in the lens to ensure that the light to the side is as bright as the light through the front of the lens.

Anklelite (Armlite) is designed to be on in light, shadow and darkness AND as a result of the unique “Floodlight” module actually appears brighter the further away you get!

When you have the product on when it is daylight it actually recharges from the light while it is operating.

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The one thing that we hear over and over again from all around the world is what great value the Anklelite / Armlite product is. First of all, cyclists spend on average US$10/£7 on batteries for lights every 3 months, meaning that a battery free product like Anklelite (Armlite) would pay for its self inside 3 months ! and then carry on saving the user money through the elimination of batteries. 

A large unique floodlight module is attached to straps that fit comfortably around the ankle or arm with high visibility reflective strips on both sides as an additional feature. The lights shine brightly from every angle so cyclists, sports people and children wearing Anklelite will be seen clearly by motorists any time of day or night.  The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes – flashing, constant or off.

Super-lightweight does not really adequately describe the “wow” moment when someone picks up Anklelite / Armlite for the very first time. By eliminating batteries and the use of new materials (particularly the new elasticated Velcro) the weight of Anklelite / Armlite has been reduced to that of a box of matches!

The Anklelite’s robust design and versatility enables it to be also used as an arm light on the upper or lower arm – perfect for jogging, cycling or riding.  The Anklelite is small enough for a commuter or even a child to roll up and put in their coat pocket or rucksack ready for their walk home after work or school.

With over 600 million batteries (22,000 tonnes) being disposed of and creating an environmental hazard in the UK (source DEFRA) every year, Anklelite is an eco-friendly product, that charges both in direct sunlight and in artificial light so it is ideal for charging at the office or school or just popping on the windowsill for a few hours at home. It provides over six hours of super-bright light from a full charge. In addition, the saving on replacement batteries alone means that Anklelite enjoys a cost payback as well as helping save the environment.

Anklelite also doubles as a trouser clip replacement for cyclists and  provides 360 degree lighting for those cyclists riding with clipless and all other types of pedals.  3 out of every 4 accidents involving bicycles on UK roads happen at road junctions where cyclists need to be seen from the side, Anklelite provides essential side lighting which will help reduce accidents in the darker evenings and mornings. 

The lightweight Anklelite is weather and impact resistant.  Simple to put on and comfortable to wear, Anklelite is maintenance free and ensures that cyclists can ride secure in the confidence that they, and not just their bikes, are clearly visible at all times even from the side.  

Anklelite’s battery free ‘green’ credentials will appeal to those of us who are environmentally conscious and even Pedalite’s packing avoids using unnecessary plastic as it is completely made from recycled cardboard. 

Key features of the Anklelite are:


Can be worn by cyclists, horse riders, children & other sports people


Can also be used as an arm light, on the upper or lower arm


Fits all ankle sizes with or without trousers and over boots


Lightweight (only 85 grams!) and comfortable


Weather and impact resistant


Powered by stored natural and artificial light energy


Hi visibility reflective strips


No batteries or mains charging required


6+ hours of flashing light from a full charge


Unique Pedalite 360 degree floodlight module


Constant or flashing modes


Unique technology to help you put safety first






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