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Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights are the unique battery-free flashing pedal lights for bicycles.





View this special video that  shows part of our continuous use stress test performed on all versions of our products.



Our test cyclists continually use the pedals in all conditions and report back findings (to provide live feedback from real cyclists).













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Pedalite are proud of our extensive Quality Control program for all of our products.

In addition to the factory inspections that we perform and component testing, we also perform stress testing on all parts of our products.  The following provides additional information regarding some of our quality control processes.


All batches of Pedalite 360 degree visibility pedal lights have to pass minimum quality standards.  The following are a selection of the tests that have to be passed by every batch.







- 40degC






40degC / 80%RH



Water Ingress

Water Spray


Total immersion




1m drop onto concrete

X 10

1.5m drop onto concrete (packaged)

X 10


Durability Test Rig

100kg pedal loading at 60rpm




The images above show the Pedalite 360 degree visibility pedal lights operating under water. This test was completed as part of our quality control process for the pedals.



Pedalite provided a custom made “end of line” test rig to our production factory and continual FULL testing of random individual pedals is conducted during each production run. The pictures above show the "end of line" rig in action


Continuous use rig

Spindle Test

Precision Tooling

Precision Tooling


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