Cycling Safety

  Award winning, ultra light weight, eco friendly products - no batteries !

  75% of accidents happen at, or near, a road junction (Source RoSPA) where cycles need to be seen from the side - Pedalite pedal lights provide side lighting

  Unique solar lights; appear brighter the further away you are

          Pedal lights      -      Anklelite      -      Baglite

Please click on the images below for more information on our worldwide best selling battery free & Environmentally friendly products.



Solar products recharge in sunlight or household light for over six hours of flashing light. Pedal lights charge from spindle rotation, with virtually no resistance.


The products disseminate light in all directions.  Pedal lights are always on, fit them and forget them - perfect for all cyclists


No need to keep buying batteries - Prices so low products pay for themselves in a season


A range of Green Oil products to compliment the eco lights

Baglite is an innovative lightweight solar powered lighting system.  Slotting over any size bag or rucksack or used without a bag as a light harness, Baglite provides super-bright lighting that clearly illuminates people and their bags with no need for batteries. Buy Now

Anklelite provides 360 degree lighting for those cyclists riding with clipless pedals and cleats

Unique and innovative solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting product worn around the ankle or on the arm and keeping cyclists safe while out in the evenings or on cloudy days. Buy Now

Pedalite battery free 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights are the original & unique eco safety pedal lights for bicycles, designed to make cyclists more visible to motorists day and night from any angle including the side. Buy Now.

Pedalite Toe Clips are compatible and able to be very simply retro-fitted (two screws) to any KPL200 Pedalite battery free 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights. Buy Now

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